Proposal 15.9.2022, Cyber Resilience Act

The Articles of the Cyber Resilience Act

Article 47 - Formal non-compliance

1. Where the market surveillance authority of a Member State makes one of the following findings, it shall require the relevant manufacturer to end to the non-compliance concerned:

(a) the conformity marking has been affixed in violation of Articles 21 and 22;

(b) the conformity marking has not been affixed;

(c) the EU declaration of conformity has not been drawn up;

(d) the EU declaration of conformity has not been drawn up correctly;

(e) the identification number of the notified body, which is involved in the conformity assessment procedure, where applicable, has not been affixed;

(f) the technical documentation is either not available or not complete.

2. Where the non-compliance referred to in paragraph 1 persists, the Member State concerned shall take all appropriate measures to restrict or prohibit the product with digital elements from being made available on the market or ensure that it is recalled or withdrawn from the market.

Cyber Resilience Act Text 15.9.2022

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