Proposal 15.9.2022, Cyber Resilience Act

The Articles of the Cyber Resilience Act

Article 37 - Operational obligations of notified bodies

1. Notified bodies shall carry out conformity assessments in accordance with the conformity assessment procedures provided for in Article 24 and Annex VI.

2. Conformity assessments shall be carried out in a proportionate manner, avoiding unnecessary burdens for economic operators. Conformity assessment bodies shall perform their activities taking due account of the size of an undertaking, the sector in which it operates, its structure, the degree of complexity of the product technology in question and the mass or serial nature of the production process.

3. Notified bodies shall however respect the degree of rigour and the level of protection required for the compliance of the product with the provisions of Regulation.

4. Where a notified body finds that requirements laid down in Annex I or in corresponding harmonised standards or in common specifications as referred to in Article 19 have not been met by a manufacturer, it shall require that manufacturer to take appropriate corrective measures and shall not issue a conformity certificate.

5. Where, in the course of the monitoring of conformity following the issuance of a certificate, a notified body finds that a product no longer complies with the requirements laid down in this Regulation, it shall require the manufacturer to take appropriate corrective measures and shall suspend or withdraw the certificate if necessary.

6. Where corrective measures are not taken or do not have the required effect, the notified body shall restrict, suspend or withdraw any certificates, as appropriate.

Cyber Resilience Act Text 15.9.2022

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